Ginegog Beard Balm: A shared experience evolved: A recipe of friendship, Growth and Relationships

Having tried so many other beard balm products before some were ok some below par., I was never able to find one that perfectly nourishes and hydrate my beard and skin beneath without either the oily effect or some itching reaction.

A friend of mine shared with a few basic ingredients he was using daily which worked for him. It was very effective but lacking both the smoothness smell and feel I wanted. I became enamored with perfecting this basic formula and upgrading it into something men would appreciate.

After tweaking this for months I finally was able to create one that had the perfect balance for what I had been looking for. It was time to take it for a test driver by giving the upgrade to my friend as an unknown upcoming brand.

The response I got was surprising as he was amazed by this new product and wanted to start sharing with our other friends until I revealed it was my own design. He advised me to start making this product for real and at first, I thought he was joking until I started getting orders left and right from our close friends.

After two years of making this balm, I created a brand which has been thriving by word of mouth and in a small niche. I use this balm every day, I sell it to my friend and I take the quality and consistency personally as when I made the first one for my friend to try. Sometimes our greatest gems come from our shared experiences and those who understand our journey.

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