Ginegog Twisting Curl Cream: Hair Fight! Time for a more enjoyable experience and lovable finish!

As mother of three girls a hair fight is bound to happen with one of them each time, we have a hair date. I have used so many products that sell their way of making it easier for me but the fight continues and my girls dread the next date.

Finally, I discover a formula that would give them a much easier experience in the hair love and tender care as they deserve. Now our hair date experience is more enjoyable as they complain less and before they know it, we are done.

The brush, comb, and fingers easily run through the strands separating knots with a slip. Then the hair becomes so malleable for styling, twists or just free flowing in the wind. The difference is so great with this product in the smooth feel, softness, flexibility in styling and the great aromatic scent for a perfect finish.

This product works perfectly for me and my kids and I recommend it for you and yours. We all need more hair love and a great hair date experience. You will enjoy this as I do!

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