About Us

The GINEGOG Brand was officially formed in 2020 in Manhattan, New York by a husband and wife duo who started making natural hair and body care products for themselves and their immediate family. As the word spread others became aware of these products the demand increased forcing the duo to create a brand of products that could satisfy the needs of their community. The Ginegog brand has grown from a home and community based door to door brand to a global brand with the same quality and home made essence . With continued improvement in business processes and product development our brand now includes a wide array of products that meet the daily needs of consumers in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Jamaica.

Our commitment is to ensure that our clients get the best quality products that are not only safe but made with the finest natural ingredients for their beard, body & skin and hair care. GINEGOG means "Master of", which is our motto and goal in being your premier partner for your unique personal care experience. As we grow, evolve and expand we will continue to be committed to quality, authenticity, innovation and sustainability. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting our business.

We appreciate you!


Ginegog Brand